Counselors' Corner

Chriselle Parker 
Jacqueline Kortz 

Social Skills Building Character  

Caraway Intermediate School counselors, Chrishelle Parker and Jacqueline Kortz, are trying to start the new school year out on a high note. They are initiating a campus-wide social skills program. Each grading period will focus on a different skill. The first six-weeks skill, RESPECT, was introduced and discussed with each grade level during assemblies held the first week of school. Each week of the six week period will focus on a different aspect of respect. Respect for Self - covering the care of personal hygiene and personal property. Majority of time will be spent on building their own self esteem. Respect for Others - respecting all individuals even though their culture might be different from theirs. Also discussing tolerance of others feelings, values, religion and the importance of being polite and courteous. Respect for Authority Figures - respect for people in positions of authority such as their parents/guardians, police, principals, teachers and assistants, cafeteria and office staff. Respect for Property - taking care and responsibility for personal property and property of others, including school property. Respect for Peers - being considerate of friends' personal belongings, feelings, values and religion, and learning to disagree appropriately. Respect for Parents - acknowledging and obeying parent's/guardian's decisions, learning to accept "no" for an answer, accept consequences for behavior, and reinforcing the importance of being courteous and polite towards parents.

Reb Ribbon Week  
Students wrap trees with red ribbon in the courtyards

Students decorated the campus courtyard with red ribbon. Each day students and staff participated in the fun activities...

Shade Out Drugs             Sock It To Drugs         

Stomp Out Drugs            Tie Up Drugs

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